Saturday, April 07, 2007

How about some good news... our contractor began finishing our basement on Thursday.



The room with the ladder in it will be J's office and the other side will be the family room.


They opened up the staircase as they will be turned to form an 'L' on Monday


This will be the bathroom. The bathtub arrived on Thursday.



Mr. Fooz (as we call him) has been VERY noisey and is continuously making sure things are being done correctly. He also makes sure the contractors give him plenty of

back rubs.


This is our basic basement layout minus a couple of changes.


We have a bathroom layout dilema, so here are our choices. What do you think? The tub is the rectangle on the left and the sink vanity is the rectangle on the upper right. The issue is which way to swing the entry door and where to position the linen closet. Hmm. : )



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