Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmast Outtakes 2008

Notice that the last post is over a year ago. Don't feel bad, nothing really happened in 2008.

We used the same rig as last year. PSRemote, Canon S5, generic tripod. This time, we took 64 pictures and #45 was the winner.

Lining everything up. We started off wondering why we couldn't get the entire fireplace to fit, then we realized that we had to rotate the camera...


Shannon setting up the ottomans (ottomen?).0005_tn

Callie needed some "attention" before starting.



Shannon checking if she needs a lint brush.0012_tn

Practice shot.... something's missing.


Token butt shot.0019_tn

The camera takes pictures whether or not you want to. I think I temporarily forgot what we were doing.0020_tn

Shannon and Mr Fooz.0022_tn

The dogs get good attention too (sometimes)0024_tn

"real take" 1. I'm looking, Shannon's not. Fozzy's not. Callie is licking. 0026_tn


Losing focus...0030_tn

The end of round 1 is marked with almost everyone leaving.0031_tn

This was going to be the shot we sent out to everyone, but we realized that there was nothing good about it.0032_tn

Fozzy just told Callie a joke.0033_tn

Start of round 2. Notice that Chicken is actually looking in this one.0034_tn

Moving the dogs into place.0035_tn

Nobody looking.

For reference:

Shannon is looking at Chicken

Chicken is looking at Jason

Jason is looking at Callie

Fozzy is staring at Callie

Callie is staring into space


Bunny ears are so hilarious


End of round II0056_tn

The camera never sleeps...0057_tn

We're so funny0058_tn


The end. Happy Holidays!



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