Sunday, December 03, 2006

Christmas Card Picture Outtakes

We took pictures in front of the tree (again) for our Christmas cards this year. After taking 25 pictures, we settled on number 17. Here are some highlights:

The first pic; note that the dogs are actually looking at the camera; that was the first and the last time that happened.

Nobody's looking

We decided that the pictures didn't look very good in front of the window (plus the lighting was all off). Shannon adjusts the tree after moving it...

We tried several methods to get the dogs to look at the camera. This was a failed attempt at the "point their heads, then move your hands out of the way" technique.

Everything looks good, but something is missing...

Apparantly, there was something interesting happening over to the side.

We thought Callie would behave better if she had a tennis ball...

... but that didn't work well either.

The best technique turned out to be to take a ton of pictures and hope for the best.

The final product. Note my fancy-schmancy photoshop work with removing the outlet.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Painted Laundry Room

Shannon spent all day painting the laundry room. The jury is still out on whether the color is good. What to you think?