Saturday, December 01, 2007

Christmas Outtakes

Warning! Nerd alert. First, a note on gear; scroll down a bit for the more interesting pics.:

Not a professional setup, but I needed lots of light


Taking pictures with dogs is a lesson in patience. In previous years, we did the Christmas pictures by:

  • Setting the camera on a timer shot
  • Walking to the camera; fast enough to make the shot, but not too fast or the dogs think it's time to play
  • Hope for a miracle where the dogs are looking at the camera
  • Repeat 20 times, take the best of the lot.

This year, we went a bit higher tech. Using some software, a new camera and an old laptop, I was able to set the camera to automagically take pictures every three seconds until we were satisfied. This easily cut the time to get a good picture in half. The winning pic was #24 out of 60.


This was just after starting the process. You can see my shoulder in the bottom left corner.


Callie is resting in preparation0004

I wasn't wearing a Christmas shirt; blasphemy0005



Callie no longer moves so much as she moseys.


This one was almost a contender. Notice who is nearest the 'naughty' stocking.


Half way in, we took a short break. Chicken had to get in one extra shot.


Prepping for round II


Pictures every three seconds means a lot of duds.0031

I'm not sure if I'm blinking, falling asleep or starting to sing.


Fozzy is thinking about having Chicken for lunch.


This was a close-second; everyone is actually looking


We have a winner! Everyone is looking and everyone is looking happy.


All done. I'm either doing the Macarena or trying to remove Chicken from my shoulder. 0053